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Here to share our experiences and research in the field of supernatural and paranormal topics.   Read about our ghost hunts and keep up to date on events and activities.  Thanks for visiting us! 
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Please visit our site regularly as we will update often with a variety of supernatural/paranormal information; investigation results; blog updates and a monthly newsletter (available soon).  If you would like to share a particular article from our site by the copy/paste method or quote, please include: © ALKO PSI, all rights reserved.  Thank you.  
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Whispers in the Attic 
by Cheryl Alsippi. 

Claire Swenson’s life at college is everything she expected, plus a few extras; a new boyfriend, job and now--a ghost on her front doorstep! Despite growing up near the town of Salem, Claire’s only interest in the paranormal has been the supernatural qualities of the crystals found in her grandmother’s gift shop. She is reluctantly drawn into the spectral world of this beautiful spirit. The search for a way to help leads her to the coastal hometown of her ancestors where Claire is reunited with her deceased great-grandparents and comes face to face with a malevolent shadow spirit. When her frisson-filled search turns to terror, she receives help from an unexpected ally.  
See more at my website Cheryl Alsippi Supernaturally-Inspired Author.
Debunking: A vital aspect of ghost hunting.  When paranormal activity occurs, it is important to recreate the situation or thoroughly check out the situation to verify. Follow the sounds... As a ghost hunter, it is vital for credibility. Another suggestion is to take three pictures in a row in the same location, same shot...this helps when an anomaly appears, to verify it is not glare, dust, or some other common factor. Test doors to assure they close properly. Always be aware of your surroundings. Keep in mind whether air conditioning or heaters are running or if critters may be close by, road noise or lights from traffic casting shadows. We always attempt to prove that it isn’t, before we decide that it is...a ghost!
Hand held digital and tape recorders are probably one of the best pieces of equipment to use during investigations.  We use an external microphone when possible.  Always try to keep hands away from the microphone and try to avoid moving it once it is turned on to record.  Setting the volume at half-volume to record seems to work well also.  Most have USB cords to load your recordings into the computer to share.  
Apparitions (fully-body, partial, mist, transparent)

Audible Voices, Raps, Knocks

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) on recorders

Balls of Light (sometimes moving)

Photographic Evidence (figures, shadows, mist)

Equipment Manipulation (TV, radios, ON/OFF)

Equipment Battery Drainage

Strange Animal Behavior 

Items Moved/Disappear/Reappear 

Odors (cigarette smoke, perfume, flowers)

Sense someone/something watching you 

Doors/Windows opening and closing.  

Babies & young children talking to or about people you can't see. 

Encounters with entities while you sleep.  

Possible Evidence of Paranormal Activity

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Cheryl Alsippi Supernaturally-Inspired Writer 

Rosemary Ellen Guiley Visionary Living 

TAPS Ghost Hunters 

Stan Gordon Paranormal/UFO Researcher 

Allegheny Mountain Ghost Hunters 

Fate Magazine 


John Ventre MUFON 

Karen K. Kubicko Past Life Regression 

Michael Gavazzi author & artist 

Lindsey Kelly Photography (because she's good) 

Lily Dale Spiritual Community, NY

Ouija Expert Robert Murch FB Page 

Appalachian UFO Research Society 

Legend Hunters

Center for Cryptozoological Studies

Sasquatch Watch Blogtalk Radio for listings of groups by state.  

Haldeman Mansion, PA 
​Sites We've Visited 

Farnsworth Inn & Gettysburg Battlefields 

TransAllegheny Lunatic Asylum, WV 

Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford PA

Eastern State Penitentiary, PA 

Lizzie Borden’s House 

Lily Dale, New York 

Belcourt Castle, RI 

Alle-Kiski Valley Heritage Museum  

Old Parsonage B&B 

Pioneer Hose Company, PA


Do you have a story of a ghostly encounter?  We would love to hear it.  We may even share it (only if you want us to).  I am collecting stories for a database of comparisons and statistics.  

Check out our "Story Requests" page for samples of the different types of hauntings.  If yours isn't listed, please send it anyway, we can always add new categories.  

Thanks in advance for sharing.  
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Whispers in the Attic 

Now available in Ebook form  on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Soon at Barnes & Noble in printed form.   I have printed copies which are now available.  Payments will be accepted through PayPal.  Please contact me via the email on this site.  Also available at